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Contact Lenses UV Flash Red 1 Month


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Color Red
Type Soft Contact Lenses
Content 2 pieces of coloured contact lenses
Power No Diopter
Diameter 14,5mm
Radius 6,6mm
Polyhema 58%
Water Content 42%
Durability 1 Month
  • ZKL3U72
Coloured contact lenses UV Red - Fire Red Red Gothic Contact Lenses Halloween contact... more

Coloured contact lenses UV Red - Fire Red

  • Red Gothic Contact Lenses
  • Halloween contact lenses
  • Motif lenses
  • Zoelibat Contact Lenses
  • glow in the black light
  • 1 monthly lenses
  • 1 year durable
  • Without diopters
  • 14,5mm diameter
  • Manufactured in sandwich process
  • 2 contact lenses, separately in 2 vials
  • Supplied in glass vial
  • do not use in road traffic
  • ideal for carnival
  • Eyecatcher at parties and festivals
  • suitable for light and dark eyes
  • High and strong coverage
  • Very good quality and comfortable to wear

Red UV Gothic contact lenses Halloween contact lenses without prescription in fire red UV design.

Experience these Fire Red UV Zoelibat

Gothic Contact Lenses and ensure an unforgettable appearance. The UV contact lenses glow in the black light. They are an absolute must-have at parties, disco and of course at festivals. With these gothic contact lenses, you will definitely be the eye-catcher, because with the glowing red eyes, you will cast a spell over everyone. The glowing fire red of the UV red coloured contact lenses is easy to see even without black light. There are no limits to your imagination with the Zoelibat "UV Flash Red" 1 Month Gothic Contact Lenses. Even in daylight, the bright red colour is strong, radiant and easy to see. The coloured, red UV lenses, are ideal for an extremely striking and exciting look. Perfect for cosplay, Halloween and carnival. Be a superhero, a dark demon of the underworld or enjoy the cool light effect in the black light. The Halloween contact lenses are perfect for any occasion. The casual, UV red motif contact lenses are made in a sandwich process so that no colour particles can escape from the inside and get onto the surface of the eye. The print and therefore the motif of the contact lens remain completely intact, even after intensive use. 2 UV contact lenses are supplied in 2 separate vials. The Gothic contact lenses are intended to be worn for one month and have a shelf life of 1 year. Create a devilish look and get closer to hell than ever before.

Care instructions for your contact lenses

With these soft effect contact lenses, you have chosen a quality product that has been manufactured according to international standards. To ensure that you can wear your lenses safely and comfortably with the best vision, you should read the following instructions carefully and follow them at all times. Please keep these instructions for future reference should you have any questions.

If you are using contact lenses for the first time, you should gradually increase the amount of time you wear them. Do not wear the lenses for more than 4 hours on the first day and increase the wearing time by 2 hours each day. However, the lenses should never be worn for more than 10 hours at a time. The lenses are also not recommended for people under 18 years of age.

Instructions for use

Only handle your lenses with clean, dry hands.

When you first open the package, make sure the lens is intact and completely surrounded by liquid. Do not use the lens if it is dried out or damaged. The lenses are designed to be worn for three months and should be disposed of accordingly. It is imperative that the lenses are removed from the original packaging and placed in fresh contact lens solution for at least 4 hours before first use. Only then can the contact lens be used according to instructions. Please follow the care instructions carefully.


  1. Take one lens out of the package.
  2. Put the lens on your right index finger and check on your fingertip whether the lens is the right way up.
  3. Hold your upper eyelid wide open with your left index and middle finger, while holding your lower eyelid open with your right middle finger.
  4. Place the lens on your eye.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other lens.


Look up and hold your lower eyelid down. Gently squeeze the lens with your thumb and one finger and then lift it out.

Cleaning and disinfecting

Always follow the instructions on the bottle of your contact lens solution. If your lenses ever dry out, they are very sensitive and must be handled with extreme care. Then place the lenses in fresh lens solution for at least 4 hours. Then clean and disinfect your lenses again and check them carefully for any damage. If you have any doubts about the integrity of the lenses, consult your optician before wearing your lenses again.


The manufacturer recommends that you see an optician or ophthalmologist who can explain the proper use of contact lenses and practice with you. Motif lenses are particularly popular at carnival or fancy dress parties (e.g. cat eyes for the "Catwoman" outfit), many other social gatherings and, of course, the eerily beautiful creepy effect lenses for Halloween parties. The lenses are also a real eye-catcher as a fashion accessory.

Important note: The contact lenses offered are purely fun lenses and have no prescription or dioptres. They are not suitable for road traffic.

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