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Furrybones - Unique Skull Figurines

Furrybones are small creepy and scary figurines. For those who find cuddly toys too soft and pets too hairy, here are our Furrybones figurines. Cute, wonderful and bittersweet gothic decoration figures that soften every dark heart. They are an irresistible mix of dark and light, gothic and manga, cute and evil and definitely an eye-catcher in your home. The Furrybones figurines come in countless different sizes, shapes and colours and have the funniest names. There's Snail, Chilito, Flappy and Count, to name but a few. But all Furrybones have one thing in common. The cute creatures love any kind of costume and are true masters of disguise.

Furry Bones Figures for Eerily Beautiful Gothic Decorations

And because that's what they love to do, they dress up as a lion, shark, ladybird, owl, bat or vampire. So they also make sure they have a stylish gothic costume. The most beautiful thing, of course, is their enchanting smile, which they always have in store. Although this is more reminiscent of a morbid grin. But that's what makes the Furrybones figures so cute and sweeten every day and every night. They fit perfectly in every living room, office or kitchen and it is said that even the devil has some of the Furrybones on his desk. They are made of robust cast stone and are manufactured in high quality and painted by hand. Loving details bring their character to life and so it is not surprising that Furrybones have long been more than just decoration. They are collectible figures, souvenirs and the perfect gift for gothics and Halloween fans.

Furrybones Figurines - For All Those Who Like Black Humour

The small skull figures are designed by Misaki Sawada, an artist from Japan. What makes them so popular are the contrasts. They are sweet and cheeky, cute and creepy and loved by big and small gothics alike. Yet Furrybone's characters are all very harmonious and also evoke harmony in you. And the fact that they all have several personalities is not obvious at first glance. Let yourself be infected by the wide mouth with the cute skull smile. The curious googly eyes and, above all, the fantastic costumes with which the Furrybones figures dress up, cast a spell over everyone. For it is not without reason that they are also called Cuddly Animals of Death.

Gloomy Decoration for More Joie De Vivre

Furrybones is a wonderful name that aptly describes the little rascals and their character. Turn your dark crypt into a place of gloomy and morbid joie de vivre and let yourself be enchanted by their costumes and mystical smiles. The small and large Furrybones figures complete your life perfectly. Please note that the figures are not toys and are not suitable for children under 3 years. They should always be used under adult supervision.