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Queen of Darkness Kilt Black


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Item number QODSK200104-32
Color Black
Fabric 100% Cotton


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Queen of Darkness Gothic Kilt Black

  • black kilt
  • Gothic Kilt
  • Men's skirt
  • Men Skirt
  • calf-length
  • Two adjustable faux leather straps and buckles at waistband
  • wrap-around technique
  • Velcro fastener on the inside
  • two loops for kilt pocket
  • frayed hem
  • wide pleats
  • soft, robust cotton
  • extravagant look
  • eye-catching style
  • classic kilt style
  • great to combine
  • machine wash 30°C

Gothic kilt men's skirt in classic kilt style with frayed hem and buckles calf length black

A black Queen of Darkness kilt, for your dark gothic style. Whether at festivals, dark events, parties or concerts, you're sure to be a mystical eye-catcher with this extravagant men's skirt. Get ready to dance with the devil and rule the night. The airy kilt is calf-length and devilishly comfortable. The simple wrapping technique makes it quick to put on. The Velcro fastener on the inside prevents the kilt from opening unintentionally or slipping. With the two narrow and adjustable straps and buckles on the outside, you can then close the kilt completely. This way it sits perfectly and exactly where it should. Please make sure that your knees are always covered, then it will fit properly. The soft, robust cotton feels great and the wearing comfort is simply indescribable. Large pleats on the kilt give it that classic tartan look and the cut creates great legroom and real comfort. The two small loops on the waistband allow you to attach the matching Queen of Darkness kilt pocket and store all your important small items safely and easily. This is important because the kilt has no pockets. It is extravagant, classic and gives you a rocky, dark or mystical touch, depending on your outfit, and thus emphasises your individual character. Combine the kilt with a shirt, a shirtless shirt or a longsleeve for an irresistible look. Casual boots or high boots make your style perfect for a stunning outfit.

Please note: Only the kilt is included in the delivery. All other products shown are for decoration only and are not included.

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