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For the most loyal gothic shop customers, the Abaddon Mystic Store has the virtual "ABADDON LOVES YOU!" bonus card!

As soon as your total purchases in the Abaddon Mystic Store online shop have exceeded the value of € 100 (excluding shipping costs), we will give you a permanent discount of 5 %*! And it gets even better: from a total order value of € 750 you will even get a permanent 7.5 % discount*!

And now it even gets better! Because the virtual "ABADDON LOVES YOU! card is not only valid in our gothic online shop, you can also use this card to shop in our store in Dresden. You will then get the discount that applies to your customer account also on site at our gothic store. Of course, this also works the other way round. All customers who have a physical card can order with this card in our gothic shop and enjoy the respective discount.

* Excluded from this are special offers, tickets, electronic vouchers and shipping costs.

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To participate in the "ABADDON LOVES YOU!" discount programme you need a customer account at the Abaddon Mystic Store – Gothic Shop. You don't have to register for the discount programme, because "ABADDON LOVES YOU!" means we love all our customers and therefore every customer automatically participates.

If you don't have a customer account yet, please register here!


The total order value and your status results from all previous orders booked under your customer account. It includes all completed orders with the respective paid, delivered and non-returned goods.

Your status is not updated immediately after an order, but only after the legal return and cancellation periods for this order have expired!

You will find your current discount status in the top line of the menu column as soon as you have logged into the online shop.

Any questions? Then simply send us an email - you can find our contact details here!