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Stay Cold Apparel - Tattoo streetwear clothing in a dark style

Stay Cold Apparel stands for gothic clothing, tattoo lifestyle and accessories in a dark gothic style. The label was founded in 2015 on the wild streets of Berlin and has become an integral part of the gothic and tattoo scene. Founder Max said: "I founded Stay Cold Apparel to express my creativity. I wanted to create the biggest streetwear brand of all time." And it seems to have succeeded, because Stay Cold is dedicated to tattoo streetwear and artwear. That's why they work with unrivalled and unrelenting passion and with some of the best tattoo artists and illustrators in the world.

As a result, they are becoming increasingly popular, as their designs add a clear message to every outfit. True to the motto "Don't give a damn about other people's opinions - stay cold - and wear what you want" experience alternative streetwear fashion and an extraordinary selection of tattoo streetwear with a modern twist. And with a unique sense of humour that not everyone can handle.

The Stay Cold Apparel T-shirts, hoodies and accessories are not simply printed, they are finished. You can recognise them immediately by the often 2-colour motifs. This gives the morbid and eye-catching prints much more depth and reality. We love Stay Cold Apparel and have a huge selection of clothing and accessories for you. Order your new favourite item safely and conveniently from the Abaddon Mystic Store now.

Stay Cold Apparel Shirts - The perfect companion for every day

Stay Cold Apparel shirts are practical, comfortable, easy to care for and totally versatile. They are perfect for adding a dark accent to your outfit. Or for lounging on the couch. The ideas for the label's unique motifs come from famous tattoo artists from all over the world. They have a dark touch and new motifs are added regularly. Many of the designs are also limited and do not come back once they are sold out.

That's why you should be quick if you particularly like a design. Get it before it's gone! Stay Cold T-shirts are made from pure, breathable cotton that feels soft against the skin. They usually have a classic cut with a round neckline and mid-length sleeves. They become a highlight thanks to their clear statements that emphasise your dark character. All designs are super detailed and a must-have for your daily walks through hell.

Stay Cold Apparel Hoodies - Warm hoodies with a devilish touch

Stay Cold Apparel is more than just a brand - it's a way of being! And so you can give your style a diabolical look with the large selection of hoodies. Because they impress with high-quality materials, an ethically responsible supply chain and the ideal fit. All hoodies are equipped with a drawstring on the hood and the typical kangaroo pocket on the front. The motifs are characterised by the brand's motto and give the Stay Cold hoodies their look. Whether printed on one or both sides, with a horror, devil or blood motif. Give your outfit a little more darkness and order now from the Abaddon Mystic Store.

Tattoo streetwear and artwear for individualists

Stay Cold Apparel has long since made a name for itself in gothic fashion. Because they bring art back into streetwear that you won't find anywhere else. An absolute must-have and perfect for all individualists. Get your limited edition piece of art today and become part of the Stay Cold family by showing your unique style and taste to the world.

Stay Cold Apparel is for the rebels who aren't afraid to stand out and don't conform. But did you know that Max, the founder, drew a lot as a child? "My mum pushed me towards art right from the start. I've always had this inner ambition that drives me to do creative things," he says of himself. At the age of 14, he swapped the canvas for the walls and trains of Berlin. Back then, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin was a real no-man's land and the perfect playground for young artists.

Max later discovered his interest in music. He played in many black metal/death metal and hardcore bands and even ran his own music studio. His unique journey took him from graffiti artist to musician and finally to his own streetwear brand Stay Cold Apparel. You can tell that he is a free spirit and not a typical designer. He is a creator with a heart who does not conform to fast fashion trends.

Stay Cold Apparel was founded to express creativity. It's about bringing quality and character back into streetwear. The brand continues to stand for high-quality, durable and long-lasting clothing. That's why Stay Cold Apparel embodies Max's passion, including his dedication to art and the music scene. The tattoo T-shirts and hoodies have been manufactured to the highest quality standards for over 10 years, because quality is paramount to the brand.

Gothic streetwear inspired by the art of tattooing

Tattoos are an important part of the gothic scene. So why not wear tattoos not only on your skin but also on your clothes? The variety of designs from Stay Cold Apparel is immense, although many of the motifs are rather dark and bloody. Nevertheless, there are also simpler T-shirts and hoodies with the words "Stay Cold" in exciting fonts. Some tattoo artists and designers are also inspired by films, literature or anime. You will also find hoodies and shirts with fabulous and magical animal creatures, occult and morbid Baphomet motifs and pentagrams.

Stay Cold clothing is also adorned with clear statements and sayings to emphasise your individual character. But they all have one thing in common. You stand out from the grey masses and make it unmistakably clear that you are not interested in the opinions of others. Wear what you want and what you feel comfortable in with the eye-catching clothing from Stay Cold Apparel!

Why you need Stay Cold Apparel....

  • because you are different
  • because you have taste - rebellious design for rebellious People
  • because authentic tattoo artists & illustrators
  • because T-shirts made from 100% cotton
  • because the t-shirts are made of pure, breathable cotton that feels soft on the skin
  • because the right fit
  • because high-quality prints
  • because best colour quality with screen printing
  • because vibrant colours, precise details and remarkable durability of prints that stand the test of time
  • because wash and go
  • because the outstanding quality ensures that the designs retain their brilliance, wash after wash
  • because eco packaging and sustainability
  • because the commitment to sustainability ensures positive changes that reduce environmental impact while maintaining quality

How do you look after Stay Cold Apparel T-shirts and hoodies properly?

The T-shirts and hoodies are made from pure, breathable cotton that is produced in a climate-positive and fair way. This means you can generally machine wash them. However, you should always take a look at the care instructions on the label before washing them for the first time. You can protect printed designs by turning the hoodies and T-shirts inside out before washing and ironing them inside out later. This way you will enjoy the eye-catching and unique Stay Cold Apparel style for a long time.