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Colored Contact Lenses & Halloween Contact Lenses

Coloured Gothic contact lenses: Stage yourself with a dark eye look!

Eyes are the mirror of our soul. Therefore, it is simply part of a meaningful gothic outfit to make the eyes the centre of attention with striking make-up. For this, you will primarily use eyeliner, eye shadow and the like. But lovers of the black scene can also stand out expressively from the broad grey masses with striking Gothic contact lenses.

Do you fancy an eerie look?

Occult signs, a strong monster look or a creepy eye opacity á la zombie. Coloured gothic contact lenses from Zoelibat are the ideal way to look really sinister on any occasion. Your counterpart will probably find it hard to look you in the eyes for long and deep. The gothic contact lenses in our diverse range are of course all made without dioptres and are designed to be worn for between one and three months. This way, you can always re-stage your mystical eye look for the most diverse festivities, from gothic festivals to the weekly gothic party.

Coloured contact lenses provide special accents!

Black, yellow, red, green or blue, coloured contact lenses allow you to create special outfits. In wonderful contrast to black styling, you can always present yourself in a completely different way. You can transform yourself into a wolf with yellow or orange contact lenses, while red, grey or violet give you a spooky demonic look. Coloured gothic contact lenses are an exquisite way to play with yourself and your very own facets time and time again. Thanks to the sandwich process used to make Gothic contact lenses, you don't have to worry about your eyes either. The colour particles cannot detach from the inside and get onto the surface of the eye. The imprint remains constant even after intensive use and the motif does not lose its diabolical expressiveness.

Halloween contact lenses: How to make 31 October a special celebration!

Halloween is a special holiday for all gothic lovers every year. Finally, we can all let off steam and show off our love of the dark side of life in public. Our Halloween contact lenses are of course a great way to bring out the witch, vampire or werewolf in us! By the way, your new Halloween contact lenses will be delivered to you in glass vials and are safely vacuum-packed for a whole year. So it's easy to decide early and stock up. Add some darkness to your gifts and present your loved one or demon with a quirky pair of coloured gothic contact lenses. For a birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just because.

Care instructions for coloured contact lenses

The contact lenses must be taken out of the original packaging and placed in fresh contact lens solution for at least 4 hours before first use. Only then can the lens be used according to instructions. As damaged contact lenses can be very dangerous for the eyes, they must be cared for conscientiously. The coloured contact lens must be stored in a clean container, completely surrounded by contact lens solution. Always follow the instructions on the bottle of your contact lens solution. If your coloured contact lenses dry out or become damaged, it is imperative that they are discarded and not reused.

How to use coloured contact lenses

When you choose coloured contact lenses, you are choosing quality products. To be absolutely sure that you can wear your coloured contact lenses correctly and comfortably with the best vision, you should read and follow the instructions for each lens carefully. We recommend that you keep these instructions so that you can refer to them again later if you have any questions.

If you are using coloured contact lenses for the first time, you should also slowly increase the time you wear them. This is especially important to get your eyes used to them.
Our tip is not to wear the lenses for more than 4 hours on the first day and then increase the wearing time by 2 hours a day. However, you should never wear them for more than 10 hours at a time. Furthermore, the lenses are not recommended for people under 18 years of age.