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How it started



The Abaddon Mystic Store opened its doors on December 10, 1999 in Dresden. Being part of the gothic scene, a man from Dresden opened his scene clothing shop for the people of Dresden. Only selected brands were offered, which were not available everywhere. Unusual collections of the highest quality – different and distinctive. But that was by no means the end of the story. Not only were parties organised by the Abaddon Mystic Store, but also in the store itself. The Abaddon Mystic Store was no longer just a "gothic shop". Abaddon was always in the middle of the action and became an integral part of the black scene. With autograph sessions of popular bands in the shop, shootings, DJs and the stands at the festivals, Abaddon Mystic Store became part of the gothic lifestyle.

The Gothic Shop goes online

The change of the black scene, the people, the technology and the Neustadt quarter of course also influenced the Abaddon Mystic Store. The Gothic Shop was added and we went online. Our gothic shop has already been overhauled three times and adapted to today's technical standards. This means that the Gothic Shop is also available to you as a mobile version. Now shopping online for your new gothic outfits is really fun, because it's simply most comfortable from the couch with your tablet or smartphone. In the meantime, the store moved, expanded and then returned to its old home, where it is most beautiful.

...and today

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Today it is the oldest and best-known Gothic store in Dresden-Neustadt. Since the day it opened, it has been firmly on the pulse and in the heart of the gothic scene. We still offer brand quality instead of overpriced copies, real ambience instead of cliché and always have an open ear for your wishes. So you'll find selected collections from different countries as well as high-quality national labels. From black basics for your everyday life to fancy complete outfits for parties or festivals, everyone will find something for themselves here. And if not - we'll get it for you.