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Fright Fest Fake Blood 12ml
Fright Fest Fake Blood 12ml
Content 0.012 l (241.67€ / 1 l)
Fright Fest Fake Blood 50ml
Fright Fest Fake Blood 50ml
Content 0.05 l (98.00€ / 1 l)
Fright Fest Make-Up Pen Set
Fright Fest Make-Up Pen Set
Content 0.0105 kg (1,038.10€ / 1 kg)
Fright Fest Liquid Latex 12ml
Fright Fest Liquid Latex 12ml
Content 0.012 l (325.00€ / 1 l)
Fright Fest Liquid Latex 50ml
Fright Fest Liquid Latex 50ml
Content 0.05 l (158.00€ / 1 l)

Fright Fest SFX make-up for spectacular, high-quality make-up effects

Fright Fest SFX make-up is the perfection for your spooky Halloween gothic style. The brand has become an integral part of the gothic scene and enjoys great popularity. Fright Fest Halloween fake blood and liquid latex impress with spectacular, high-quality make-up effects and add a real touch to any Halloween outfit.

Go your own way and show them what your black heart beats for. With Fright Fest Halloween accessories, your appearance is sure to be unforgettable. Because the eye-catching and gory effects will captivate you with their realism. Take a look around the Abaddon Mystic Store online shop and find Fright Fest SFX make-up for men and women that will make your blood run cold.

You'll be perfectly styled and ready for any Halloween adventure. Complete your outfit and fall in love all over again! Order your new Fright Fest Halloween SFX make-up safely and conveniently from the Abaddon Mystic Store now.

What is SFX make-up?

Special effects make-up or SFX make-up is the use of cosmetics and prosthetics to create special effects. It doesn't matter whether these special effects are for film, theatre or your bloody Halloween party. Whether it's nasty scars, realistic wounds, bruises, torn skin or brain-eating zombies and demons from other planets. You don't have to be in Hollywood to put on film-ready make-up! Because the only limit to SFX make-up is your creativity.

SFX Halloween make-up - made in the UK

Fright Fest was founded in 2008 as a sub-brand of PaintGlow to cater for the spooky needs of all Halloween fans. All of our Fright Fest products will help you create an eye-catching and unforgettable SFX Halloween make-up look. Each product in the range is made in the UK and uses the highest quality ingredients for a professional finish.

The expertly crafted formulas are safe for use on the face and body. However, please always follow the instructions on the packaging! The Fright Fest range has been designed to inspire your own creativity for Halloween. Whether for a bloody Halloween costume from a horror film or a trendy creation from a series.

The Fright Fest range has the right make-up for everyone. And it doesn't matter whether you're a professional Halloween artist, a Halloween fanatic or just a beginner looking for a quick look for your Halloween party. Because the Fright Fest products are easy to use, no matter who you are.

Fright Fest Halloween make-up for professional effects

With Fright Fest make-up, you have everything you need for a spectacular transformation in your crypt. The skin-friendly make-up products are very easy to apply and ensure a great transformation for Halloween, a film project and other occasions. Because it's the little fine details that make your Halloween or horror outfit look real. That's why with Fright Fest SFX make-up, you're already playing in the professional league.

But SFX are also indispensable for cosplay, larp, role-playing games, comic con fairs, realistic emergency scenes or perfect gothic decorations. So pick your pumpkins and dust off your spooky decorations, because Halloween is every day. Fright Fest special effects cosmetics contain everything you need to create ghoulishly beautiful Halloween looks. From real-looking fake blood to devilish lipsticks - with Fright Fest cosmetics, you can create the Halloween look you've been dreaming of all year.

What does the Halloween range include?

The spooky assortment contains all the excellent treats for a perfect and above all unforgettable Halloween, including the following:

  • Fake Blood
  • Fake Blood Spray
  • Liquid Latex
  • Scar Wax
  • Ghost Gum
  • Face Paint / Face paints sticks
  • Lipsticks
  • Face jewellery

Become an SFX make-up specialist and let your imagination run wild. Create scary, eye-catching, bloody and devilish Halloween scars, wounds and effects. Get your spooktacular products now in the Abaddon Mystic Store online shop.

Fake blood as a must-have for your Halloween costume

The creepy effect of fake blood is only really real if your costume matches it. For the perfect spooky fun, fake blood is absolutely essential. Because fake blood is a must-have for any gruesome Halloween costume. What would a vampire costume be without film blood? Or a zombie costume without zombie blood? Fake blood is the perfection of your style on Halloween. And every wound only looks realistic with the right Fright Fest fake blood from Abaddon Mystic Store.

What is fake blood?

Fake blood is realistic-looking blood and usually has a light to dark red colour that is the same colour and consistency as real blood. It looks absolutely real. That is why it is so extremely popular. Professional fake blood is ideal for realistic and drastic depictions of accidents, crimes and gruelling action scenes.

But litres of fake blood also make for unforgettable Halloween decorations. This will turn your next Halloween party into a real splatter orgy.

What is liquid latex?

Liquid latex is a white, fluid mass that hardens slowly on contact with air. After hardening, liquid latex has a soft and rubbery surface. It is an extremely versatile material that is used pretty much everywhere. Especially for the creation of real looking wounds, cracks and horror-like SFX make-up, liquid latex is indispensable.

As long as it is liquid, it is white. If necessary, it can also be applied with a brush. You can also dye Fright Fest liquid latex with different colours. This will give your Halloween make-up an exciting look.

Fright Fest Halloween SFX make-up at Abaddon Mystic Store

In the online shop of Abaddon Mystic Store you will find Fright Fest SFX make-up for every taste. That's why your next Halloween party is sure to be absolutely unforgettable. Because the amazingly real-looking fake blood and blood spray comes very close to human blood in terms of both colour and consistency. We recommend using liquid latex to depict particularly drastic injuries and wounds. Let your imagination and creativity run wild and celebrate the bloodiest Halloween ever. May the blood freeze in everyone's veins.

Our tips:

  • decorative cosmetics can lead to allergic skin reactions on sensitive skin. You should carry out a test in the crook of your arm before using fake blood and liquid latex. This way you can rule out any allergic reactions. To do this, apply the product to a small area in the crook of your arm and wait approx. 30-60 minutes. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, you should not use the product.
  • avoid contact with the eyes and do not swallow!
  • fake blood can temporarily stain the skin for up to 4 hours. It can also stain clothing, fabrics and upholstery. Remove with soap and water and stain remover.
  • use brushes, sponges or fingers to apply. Wash off carefully with warm soapy water after use.