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Zoelibat contact lenses for a transformation that catches the eye

Zoelibat contact lenses are definitely an eye-catcher! Whether red or black, reptile motif or with blood splatters, blind white or pentagram motif - the choice of Zoelibat contact lenses is huge.

All kinds of cosplay costumes are very popular at Halloween, carnival and gothic festivals. Vampire, witch, demon and zombie costumes are particularly popular. However, these costumes often look similar.

Create an eye-catching and unique look with Zoelibat contact lenses. Because a good cosplay costume is characterised by a particularly authentic overall impression. That's why a zombie without white or bloodshot eyes wouldn't be a real zombie.

Our Zoelibat contact lenses for men and women turn your costume into a real experience. Take a look around the Abaddon Mystic Store online shop and find Zoelibat contact lenses that you'll love straight away. You'll be perfectly styled and ready for night-time adventures.

Find the Zoelibat contact lenses that suit your style now and fall in love all over again! Emphasise your gothic style and experience the transformation from cosy to real.

Zoelibat contact lenses: the diversity of gothic style for your eyes

Zoelibat contact lenses with eye-catching designs are perfect accessories to emphasise your dark gothic style and express your personality in a unique way. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, Zoelibat contact lenses offer you the opportunity to transform your eyes into a work of art and emphasise your individuality.

The variety of Zoelibat contact lenses is impressive. Whether you're looking for spooky designs, mystical patterns or elegant motifs, you'll definitely find what you're looking for at Zoelibat. From blood-red vampire eyes and cat eyes with vertical pupils to ice-blue angel eyes or filigree hellfire - the choice is almost unlimited.

With Zoelibat contact lenses, you can always create a new look and perfectly emphasise your mood.

When do I wear Zoelibat contact lenses?

The answer is simple: whenever you want to emphasise your gothic style and stand out. With our helpful tips, you are sure to be an eye-catcher:

  1. Gothic events and parties: Zoelibat contact lenses are a must-have for gothic events, Halloween parties or gothic concerts. Add the finishing touch to your outfit by wearing the matching contact lenses.
  2. Everyday life and self-expression: If you want to integrate your gothic style into everyday life, Zoelibat contact lenses are a great option. Wear them for special occasions or simply to emphasise your personal style.
  3. Cosplay and costumes: Zoelibat contact lenses are perfect for cosplay and costumes. They give your character an authentic and impressive look.
  4. Photography and art projects: If you're in the world of photography or art, Zoelibat contact lenses can help create stunning visual effects and add a special touch to your projects.

Zoelibat contact lenses - a must-have for cosplayers

Whether you slip into the skin of a mysterious elf, a terrifying vampire, an anime hero or a fantasy creature, you will undoubtedly find the right contact lenses at Zoelibat. The variety ranges from natural-looking eye colours to fascinating fantasy patterns that will bring your cosplay costumes to life.

  • Fantasy characters: Add the perfect touch to your cosplay with contact lenses specially designed for fantasy characters. From dragon eyes to mystical creatures - the choice is endless.
  • Anime and manga: If you want to bring your favourite anime or manga character to life, Zoelibat contact lenses offer a wide range of colours and designs to achieve the authentic look.
  • Horror and scary: For cosplayers portraying dark or scary characters, Zoelibat's blood red, black or mystical contact lenses are the perfect choice.

Cosplay events and photography

Zoelibat contact lenses are not only ideal for portraying characters at conventions and cosplay events, but also for impressive cosplay photo shoots. This is because they create the necessary atmosphere to perfectly capture the expression of your characters and create unforgettable images.

How do I wear Zoelibat contact lenses?

Zoelibat contact lenses are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe and comfortable. They are made from high-quality materials and fulfil the highest quality standards. However, it is important to ensure that you maintain proper care and hygiene when wearing gothic contact lenses. Here are a few helpful tips for the safe use of Zoelibat contact lenses:

Care instructions for your contact lenses

With Zoelibat soft contact lenses, you have chosen a quality product that has been manufactured to international standards. To ensure that you can wear your lenses safely and comfortably with the best vision, you should read the following instructions carefully and follow them at all times.

If you are wearing contact lenses for the first time, you should increase the wearing time slowly. This is because your eyes need to get used to them slowly. Do not wear the lenses for longer than 4 hours on the first day and extend the wearing time by 2 hours each day. Contact lenses should never be worn for longer than 10 hours. Contact lenses are not recommended for people under the age of 18.

Instructions for use

Only touch your lenses with clean, dry hands.

When opening the packaging for the first time, make sure that the lens is intact and completely surrounded by liquid. Do not use the lens if it has dried out or is damaged.

All Zoelibat contact lenses are manufactured for a specific wearing period. Make sure to dispose of the contact lenses afterwards.

The gothic contact lenses must be removed from the original packaging before first use. In addition, they should be placed in fresh contact lens solution for at least 4 hours. Only then can the contact lens be used according to the instructions.

Please follow the other care instructions carefully.


  1. Take a lens out of the packaging.
  2. Place the lens on your right index finger and check on your fingertip that the lens is the right way round.
  3. Hold your upper eyelid wide open with your left index and middle finger while holding the lower eyelid open with your right middle finger.
  4. Place the lens on your eye.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other lens.


Look up and hold your lower eyelid downwards. Gently squeeze the lens with your thumb and one finger and then lift it out.

Cleaning and disinfection

Always follow the instructions on the bottle of your contact lens solution. If your lenses dry out, they are very sensitive and must therefore be handled with extreme care.

Then place the lenses in fresh contact lens solution for at least 4 hours. Then clean and disinfect your lenses again and check them carefully for any damage. If you are worried whether everything is OK with the lenses, please consult an optician immediately. They will be able to help you if in doubt.


Zoelibat recommends that you visit an optician or ophthalmologist so that they can explain the correct use of contact lenses to you. The contact lenses are purely for fun and have no visual acuity or dioptres. They are not suitable for road traffic.

Zoelibat contact lenses for stunning cosplay costumes

For all the passionate cosplayers out there, Zoelibat contact lenses are an absolute must for giving your characters a stunning and authentic look. These unique gothic contact lenses with eye-catching designs offer an incredible variety of designs that perfectly matches various cosplay costumes. Let's dive in and discover how Zoelibat contact lenses can take your cosplay experience to a whole new level.

Zoelibat contact lenses - a conclusion

Overall, Zoelibat contact lenses are the perfect addition for anyone who loves the gothic style and likes to immerse themselves in another world. Emphasise your dark side and express your uniqueness. Make a statement with mesmerising contact lenses, as they are also a valuable tool for cosplayers looking for the perfect finish for their costumes. Discover the world of Zoelibat contact lenses and make your cosplay dreams come true.