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Gothic scarves & shawls - perfectly dressed for the cold season

Gothic scarves & shawls are warming must-have accessories for the cold seasons. Because they allow you to snuggle up and at the same time enhance your gothic style. That's why our gothic scarves and shawls for men and women turn your outfits into a fashion statement.

Take a look around the Abaddon Mystic Store online shop and find scarves and shawls that you'll love straight away. You'll be perfectly styled for the wind and weather. Find the gothic scarf that suits you now and fall in love all over again! Emphasise your dark charisma with eye-catching and practical scarves from Killstar, Poizen Industries and MB Müller.

Gothic scarves & shawls - fashionable all-rounders with a dark look

As soon as the temperatures drop, it gets chilly around the neck. Now is the time to give your outfits a little more pep with our gothic scarves and shawls. As essential accessories for gothic women's clothing, they are not only warming but also fashionable.

They allow you to add instant drama to even the simplest of outfits. Because the eye-catching, mystical and, above all, stylish designs provide the finishing touch. Whether mystical bats, devilish pentagrams and Baphomet motifs or spiders, all designs emphasise your dark style.

Many lightweight scarves are also worn outside of cold temperatures and can be individually styled.

How to style scarves & shawls for any weather

Gothic scarves and shawls are quick and easy to combine. We give you an overview of how you can conjure up a stylish outfit for the cold season in no time at all.

  • Gothic jumper look: On cold days, your outfit needs to keep you warm. Scarves and shawls are the perfect accompaniment to an oversized knitted jumper or a mystical hoodie. The good thing about this option is that you don't have to stand there freezing when you're wrapped up several times. With a gothic jacket and coat, hat and gloves, you'll be ready for the winds of hell.
  • Gothic jacket look: you can wear both with a gothic jacket. Scarf or shawl. Just pay attention to the type of collar and how high the jacket is fastened. You can also tie your scarf loosely around your neck, so you won't break a sweat if you get too warm in your jacket.
  • Casual transitional look: The weather is changeable - sometimes warm, sometimes cold. Accessories have to match. Wear a scarf with a dark motif with skinny jeans, leggings and high platform boots. That way, your neck stays warm and your outfit is an eye-catcher.

Gothic scarf or shawl? A devilish style lesson

And the devil said: Listen to me. I turn all lengths of fabric that are worn around the neck into a gothic scarf - regardless of thickness and material. I make all fine, mostly square variants into a gothic shawl, which not only have a warming but also a decorative function. Because you should also be able to use the gothic shawl as decoration.

How do you tie scarves and shawls?

There are many ways in which you can tie or drape gothic scarves and shawls. With our helpful tips, you're sure to tie them perfectly:

  • Looped once, twice or three times around the neck: The classic for chilly days and a warm neck. The wider you make the gothic scarf, the more you can wrap it. The puffier you wrap the scarf, the more your face is emphasised.
  • Wrap it around your neck for a casual look. Your gothic shawl will visually elongate your upper body.
  • Let your imagination run wild and knot your gothic shawl into an eye-catching decoration. Whether on your neck, in your hair or on your bag, shawls can be knotted perfectly. Always make sure to undo the knot after wearing, otherwise creases may remain.

What is a gothic loop scarf?

The gothic loop scarf is a continuous loop without ends. An absolute classic, because you don't have to worry about the ends hanging down. That's why the loop scarf stays in place. Always. Gothic loop scarves give your outfit a rocking and casual touch. Because the loops are always deliberately untidy around the neck.

How do you care for scarves and shawls?

It helps to look at the care label. You'll find all the important instructions there. Basically, it depends on the fibre. Many gothic shawls are made of cotton. You can wash them as often as necessary, but at low temperatures.

With woollen scarves, it is sufficient to air them out more often and only wash them by hand rarely. Synthetic fibre blends are easy to care for and can be washed more often at low temperatures.

If the laundry label says "Do not wash", make sure you stick to it and take your gothic scarf or shawl to the dry cleaner.

Gothic scarves and shawls - the must-have for every outfit

You can never have enough gothic scarves and shawls, because they turn even the simplest item into an eye-catcher. That's why they add instant drama to your favourite item in the wardrobe. With a little practice in tying and combining, you can expand your witchy wardrobe and create stunning looks.